Guacamole Ingredients

There are too many guacamole variations to count!

Guacamole can include onions: red onions, white onions, green onions, etc.

Garlic is a delicious addition to guacamole. It’s best to mince it finely with a knife, or use a garlic press.

It’s common for guacamole to contain the juice of lemons or limes. Many people use bottled juice, while others won’t accept anything other than fresh citrus in their guac.

Hot sauce such as Tabasco sauce or any one of a number of pepper sauces may be added to guacamole. Some people add Worcestershire sauce.

Salt balances out the flavors in guacamole, but for anyone looking to avoid sodium, rest assured that the dip will still taste great without it.

Other spices that may be found in guacamole include: chili pepper, black pepper, minced onion or onion powder, minced garlic or garlic powder or cumin.

Cilantro, or Mexican parsley, may be found in guacamole. Some restaurant guacamoles, such as that served by the chain Chipotle, include cilantro.

While some guacamole purists frown at the practice, many people use sour cream or mayonnaise in their avocado-based dips. This addition makes for more dip, but at (some feel) the cost of authentic, rich avocado taste.

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